The Inner Beard

test postI guess I should start this new blog off with a “what is the point” –kind of post. I mean, I do have an “About” page, and that does give a somewhat general idea of me and my interests, but it’s so simple – I think you guys deserve to know a little more. Don’t you think?

Truth is, I haven’t written something like this for a long time. I honestly feel like these kinds of posts, updates, or informative sections tend to be rather narcissistic – I really hope this one doesn’t come across that way. I’ve been using my Facebook for the past few years simply to help inform and educate the people I care about, by posting all the interesting and informative articles I come across. So, I would like to use this Blog in a similar manner. I may post progress shots with some of my future art, but the majority of my posts, I hope, will be made to share my thoughts on current and future events and technological, medical, scientific, or social advancements.

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