Snail Mobile’s W3D Gaming Phone

IMAXWould you buy a phone specifically for gaming? That’s what Snail Games is hoping for. They’ve produced a phone called the Snail Mobile W3D, which, interestingly looks somewhat similar to the PS Vita.

Other companies have released phones in the past that were made to cater toward gamers specifically. Sony had their Xperia Play. In theory, it was a decent idea. The Xperia Play acted like a normal touchscreen phone, but had a slide-out section that had all the necessary controls to handle gaming. It really did seem like a neat idea, and was even endorsed by the Major League Gaming. But, sadly, in the end, it was pretty much a failure. There was also Nokia’s N-Gage back in 2003, and the N-Gage QD the following year, but both of those phones were pretty sad as well. So, realistically, Snail Games is facing an up-hill battle with this one.

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A New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Kingdom Hearts IIIA new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has been shown off at E3, 2015. It’s been quite some time since the last numbered Kingdom Hearts game – ten years, to be exact (I bet you feel old now).

Including all of the “Remix” games, there have been 8 side games released since Kindgom Hearts II – all of which did mildly contribute to the story. I do have to wonder if Kindgom Hearts III will fill in the story additions from those games, or if playing the non-numbered releases will be a requirement for following the story of this installment.

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The Mythical Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Official

Final Fantasy VII RemakeThe Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) has long been the place for video game development companies to release the most exciting news they can muster. Some years, E3 is a little less exciting (like when Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement left gamers less than pleased back in 2013, or when they responded to concerns about the One by saying “we have a product for people … it’s called the Xbox 360”), but other years (like now), development companies pull out all of their “big guns”. At E3 2015, so far, we have three of the four biggest “mythical” releases announced, as Square-Enix just announced the extremely long-awaited, and often teased Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS4.

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Xbox One Is Now Backward Compatible

Backward CompatibilityThe one thing that annoyed gamers the most with the release of the current lineup of next-gen consoles was the fact that neither the Xbox One nor the Playstation 4 shipped with backward compatibility. The goal of the manufacturers was to “cut costs” for console, while encouraging the consumer to purchase a digital copy of the games they wanted to play on their new consoles. What it actually did, however, was push away large portions of interested parties because the existing library of games did not justify purchasing a new console, if they couldn’t use it as a replacement for their previous generation console.

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Fallout 4 PC Mods Available For Xbox One

Fallout ModsI’ve been a firm believer that you should never play any Bethesda game on a Sony Console. Why? Not because I care one way or the other about Sony or the Playstation, but because Bethesda has shown time and time again that they either like Microsoft more than Sony, or just don’t know how to handle the Playstation hardware – my best it on the latter.

See, realistically, it makes loads of sense that Bethesda would know how to handle the Xbox more than the Playstation. They started off with the Atari, then switched over to DOS through the 90’s, and by the late 90’s really jumped in to developing for Windows. You could maybe argue that they did make their first Playstation game around the same time as Windows or Xbox, but even if you put “experience” aside, Bethesda gets more out of Windows than Sony.

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Long-Awaited Fallout 4

Fallout 4Last night, Bethesda Softworks hosted their first-ever E3 Showcase at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The announcement caught most off-guard, as, again, this is the first time they’ve ever done that. The showcase included new looks at DOOM, Battlecry, Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, and of course, Fallout 4 – the game the majority were looking forward to the most; the one that Bethesda most likely scheduled the Showcase specifically for. If you’re so inclined, the full Showcase presentation can be viewed in the following Youtube video.

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