Hi, my name is Joel Morgan.

I know the site says “Morgan Beardsman”. Just … don’t worry about that…. I’m a Graphic and Web Designer. I enjoy making fun, interesting, or just dumb art, regardless of the medium. This site is just my place to post some of those dumb things, along with maybe some of my dumb thoughts about science, technology, space, or … stuff.

Just thought I’d let you know.

Facts About Me

  • I’m a US Citizen (last time I checked….)
  • Aside from designing things, I enjoy science and technology.
  • I have a wife, and often annoy the crap out of her.
  • There’s a dog somewhere around this house, too.
  • OH! New phones and personal tech are awesome…. Just sayin’.
  • Sometimes I imagine myself as a beefcake from the gym.
  • When I’m reminded of delicious food, I know why I’m not a beefcake.
  • Food is so good.
  • I’m hungry. I want tacos.
  • Or maybe pizza.
  • Or Five Guys. I love Five Guys’ burgers….
  • Oh, God … I want a burger so bad….

Skill Set

  • Illustrator




  • Photoshop


  • Getting Fat


Level of skill (measured in awesome)

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