A New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Kingdom Hearts IIIA new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has been shown off at E3, 2015. It’s been quite some time since the last numbered Kingdom Hearts game – ten years, to be exact (I bet you feel old now).

Including all of the “Remix” games, there have been 8 side games released since Kindgom Hearts II – all of which did mildly contribute to the story. I do have to wonder if Kindgom Hearts III will fill in the story additions from those games, or if playing the non-numbered releases will be a requirement for following the story of this installment.

Kingdom Hearts IIIIn any case, though, this release does look very promising. The worlds seem to be extremely large – at one point in the trailer, Sora jumps off a cliff and goes plummeting into what would’ve been assumed to be a background, but is apparently an accessable portion of the environment. In addition to the level size, Sora also gets a new arsenal by means of the Keyblade transforming into different weapons. Interestingly, it would appear as though you can get new weapons from different stages, too, considering one of the Keyblade tranformations was a chariot from Hercules that shot lightning, presumably from Zeus. Another very interesting key point of the trailer are the two new characters discussing the Keyblade War over a game of chess – your guess about their identity, though, is as good as mine, at this point.

The game doesn’t seem to have an official release date, and is just mentioned to be “In Development”. So, realistically, I would assume at least another year, which would hopefully put it as a Holiday release in 2016. Hopefully.

You can view the full trailer here: