What Can We Learn From Rachel Dolezal?

Rachel DolezalI know it’s been a little while since the thing with Rachel Dolezal was really a “hot topic”, but I’ve been talking about what she did and how America’s history has influenced these situations, with a few friends of mine. It really is an interesting situation, and is in no way a simple one. One of the main people I’ve been discussing things with is studying Race and Ethnic Relations, and she has provided a great deal of input on the topic (the majority of the references were provided by her as well [thank you, Stella]). I originally wrote out an entirely different Blog post about this, but when I reached out for input, it was very clear that – while my general logic was sound – I was missing large portions of information. This Blog post is filled with many of her thoughts, as well as my own.

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Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling

Marriage EqualityI apologize if this post is brief, but I just needed to post something to let everyone know the great news. Moments ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled that every State is required to issue a Marriage Licence regardless of sex; every State will be legally obligated to allow Same-Sex Marriage. Period.

The official ruling reads like this:

“The Fourteenth Amendment requires a State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-State.”

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Snail Mobile’s W3D Gaming Phone

IMAXWould you buy a phone specifically for gaming? That’s what Snail Games is hoping for. They’ve produced a phone called the Snail Mobile W3D, which, interestingly looks somewhat similar to the PS Vita.

Other companies have released phones in the past that were made to cater toward gamers specifically. Sony had their Xperia Play. In theory, it was a decent idea. The Xperia Play acted like a normal touchscreen phone, but had a slide-out section that had all the necessary controls to handle gaming. It really did seem like a neat idea, and was even endorsed by the Major League Gaming. But, sadly, in the end, it was pretty much a failure. There was also Nokia’s N-Gage back in 2003, and the N-Gage QD the following year, but both of those phones were pretty sad as well. So, realistically, Snail Games is facing an up-hill battle with this one.

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IMAX Attempts To Censor Ars Technica

IMAXIn a comical twist of things this weekend, let’s talk about a situation where IMAX didn’t seem to understand what the Streisand Effect is, and why they should probably avoid provoking it. See, the Streisand Effect is simply the phenomenon where an attempt to hide or censor something – especially on the internet – typically has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely. Essentially, it means that when a company gets upset with something that the masses disagree with, they tend to immediately spread the word about that company acting in poor taste. Like right now, with this article.

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How I Stopped Eating Food – Kind Of

SoylentWould you like to know what bothers me? Well, if you really don’t, you should probably stop reading, ’cause I’m going to tell you. One thing that bothers me is how necessary, and simultaneously inefficient food is for people. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love food – It’s so stupidly delicious. But, just like anything that I love, I hate needing it – I hate the fact that I am required to consume a certain amount of food on a daily basis to live. Why do I hate this? It’s similar to the idea where, if you work a job doing the thing you love, eventually, the thing you love is going to turn in to labored work instead of an enjoyable hobby. Another good comparison could be made with seeing a movie: I love going to the theater, but if I were forced to go three to four times per day, every single day, eventually I would no longer enjoy it. Eventually, I would just want to get it over with. That’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy specific movies, and wouldn’t be excited about my favorite new release, but honestly, if I went to a theater three times a day, the amount of enjoyment I would feel from seeing even my favorite movie, would be diminished. When I have to that same thing endlessly every single day, the amount of happiness it provides me – even from my absolute favorite – is cheapened.

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A Watercolor Tutorial

Watercolor SymmieI think I would definitely enjoy doing some tutorials for you guys. I know I did the one from before, but I wanted to do something a little more traditional as well. Maybe in the future I’ll throw together some more Illustrator things, possibly Photoshop, hell, maybe even InDesign, if you’d like (definitely let me know if you’d like to see anything specific down in the comments). At some point, I would also love to add in more about Android/iOS App design, Website Design, and maybe touch on Logo development as well. I’m not too sure just yet. I think I’ll probably just start documenting any of my future projects, from here on, just to make sure you guys see the process as well as the final product.

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Deutsche Telekom May Sell T-Mobile To Comcast

T-MobileUpdated @ 10:47 EST, Quoted via Ars Technica: “A source familiar with Comcast’s thinking told Ars after this article published that it is not interested in buying T-Mobile. The source requested anonymity because the company tries to avoid making official comments on rumored mergers.

“Since 2012, Comcast has has a commercial partnership with Verizon Wireless that allows it to sell Verizon Wireless products in bundles with Comcast cable services. This partnership would also allow Comcast to resell Verizon Wireless service under its own name beginning next year.

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A New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Kingdom Hearts IIIA new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer has been shown off at E3, 2015. It’s been quite some time since the last numbered Kingdom Hearts game – ten years, to be exact (I bet you feel old now).

Including all of the “Remix” games, there have been 8 side games released since Kindgom Hearts II – all of which did mildly contribute to the story. I do have to wonder if Kindgom Hearts III will fill in the story additions from those games, or if playing the non-numbered releases will be a requirement for following the story of this installment.

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